I am a IPPA Placenta Encapsulation specialist and hold a Master of Science in Education. Formerly, I worked as a high school special education and science teacher in NYC, where I discovered my love of teaching.  I also worked for Girls Inc. of Lynn, MA as a After School Program Director for elementary aged girls, where I learned the power of nurturing, supporting, and educating young girls to become powerful women.

I am the mother of two girls, only 16 months apart.  I witnessed my first natural birth when I was 12 years old and was transformed by that experience.  Even though I found education to be rewarding, I have found parenthood to be the most fulfilling job.  After the birth of my first daughter, I felt the need to help other women experience the power and beauty of birth. Along with two other mothers, I co-founded Birth Origins in Alameda, CA where I co-taught Birthing From Within® childbirth classes.  I have since moved back to Brooklyn, NY and I look forward to sharing my passion with other women in the NYC area.





Childbirth is one of the biggest life changing experiences a woman will experience in her life. It is the time that she transitions from a woman into a mother.  This transition is a sacred rite of passage that deserves to be treated with respect and honor.  

Childbirth should be a experience that is a celebration of life and not a traumatic event. Having a supportive and understanding team (OBGYN/Midwife), doula, partner, family and friends will help make the experience more fulfilling.  

Having a understanding team (OBGYN/Midwife), doula, partner, family and friends will help make the experience more fulfilling.  My job as your doula, childbirth educator, or placenta encapsulator is to help make this significant time in your life as sacred as possible.


Everything you really need to know about birthing and parenting from within. . .

  • Introduction to Birthing From Within, October 2011 
  • Birth Art, April 2012 
  • Doula and Mentor Member since 2012


International Placenta and Postpartum Training offers the most comprehensive and in depth placenta and postpartum doula combination training available. Aligning factual information with emotional integrity, complete understanding of each skillset and professional business structures, we can elevate your knowledge to the next level.

  • Placenta Encapsulation Training, April 2013 
  • Advanced Placenta and Postpartum   Recovery Techniques, October 2013 
  • Placenta Encapuslation Training, February 2015
  • Postpartum Training, February, 2015 
  • Business Boom Course, February 2015 
  • Postpartum Doula Training, December 2015 

Other Training:

  • Breastfeeding Basics for Doulas, Manhattan Birth, November, 2015